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   2Revents makes event ticketing easy and allows you to manage all of your events centrally. 2Revents provides the latest in event ticketing, including a campaign management application that makes managing ticketing of multiple events easy, and executing mobile campaigns a snap.


   2Revents provides mobile event pages and the ability to administer ticketing in various ways, including Facebook ticketing, on-site (e.g., event walkups) and online ticketing. 2Revents provides mobile campaign management and data analytics.


   2Revents uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates and near field communications (NFC) chips to secure ticket authentication. SSL Certificates digitally bind a cryptographic key to 2Revents data. SSL Certificates allow secure connections for secure credit card transactions, data transfers, logins, and browsing the Internet. 2Revents tickets are NFC embedded encoded with unique identifiers for each registered attendee. 


   2Revents ticketing with embedded NFC chips avoids counterfeiting, and thus prevents fraudulent entry to your events. 2Revents provides innovative ways to interact with ticket holders (e.g., conduct surveys, provide downloads and rewards).


   2Revents collects event data (e.g., time of entry/ exit as well as any survey data collected). Scanning 2Revents tickets delivers innovative new ways to capture event analytics in real-time. 2Revents helps you plan  event access / admission, and trains you and your staff how to scan 2Revents ticketing and prepare for your event.  2Revents provides real time admissions statistics, device reports and more.


   2Revents provides event professionals with the latest event ticketing technology, and helps event organizers create memorable experiences by developing elegant, organic solutions for ticketing, box office management and event admissions.


   Contact us to learn more about 2Revents services or give us a call at 773-432-2633.